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Are you tried of trying to find places to go where a single person can meet other singles, feel safe and have fun?   Come and join SINGLES WITHOUT PARTNERS with Lane Tours to meet other singles while traveling around the countryside for lots of fun and feel safe all roll up into a traveling package deal. You may not meet your soul mate but like you, everyone is looking for a relaxing time, to meet new people and to talk about life. 

Make the SINGLES WITHOUT PARTNERS TOURS all you want it to be.  You can snooze by the pool all afternoon or sightsee till your heart's content.  Enjoy the intelligent conversations between your fellow guests and your friendship host.  There will be a mix of ages typically between 40-80, thought thee is no upper age limit.  We welcome guests from all walks of life.  

Our host will help to break the ice and to make sure on one is left behind or left out.

So book your trip now, sit back, enjoy meeting new people and maybe even meet the love of your life.

    In process of working on 2019 Day and Overnight trips.  Please keep checking back for up dates.

Please let us know what you think of Singles Without Partners Tours.  If you have a place of interest to you or your group, please let us know.