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2016 Day Tours  

 Corvette Museum, Mammoth Cave and Ky Down Under       
Are you ready to join Lane Tours for the experience of a lifetime by watching the fascinating assembly process of the most famous Sports Car (CORVETTE).   You will observe as robots weld the steel structure and the workforce adds part in trim and chassis.  Experience the excitement of an engineering marvel as the chassis and body come together.  Then we will visit the Corvette Museum where you will get to see every Corvette has been built. Following a Corvette Cafe' lunch, we  will head out to Mammoth Cave National Park for an “under this world tour.”  Kentucky Down Under is the final stop on this tour before we head back home.                                   
Tour Date: July 9th
Cost: $85
Reservation Deadline: June 15

                     Cumberland Falls State Park and Lunch
Come travel with Lane Tours to see the outstanding natural feature of Cumberland Falls, known for the World Famous moonbow. The falls is 125 foot wide and has a 68 foot drop that showers the boulders that lie in the rocky gorge below.  The mist rising from the largest waterfall in Kentucky, creates a unique natural phenomenon that is not visible anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.  The Moonbow can only be seen here on strongly moonlit nights.  Cumberland Fall has an easily accessible point where everything lines up at the correct angle which makes it easier to see the Moonbow.  It's sometimes called "Niagara of the South", "Little Niagara", even Moonbow Falls.  After taking the falls tour and enjoying the fall colors, we'll enjoy a delicious lunch at The Rowena Landing Restaurant which offers a panoramic view of scenic Lake Cumberland.                                                 
Tour Date: July 22
Cost: $65
Reservation Deadline: July 1st

           Lunch on Belle of Louisville and Tour Museums                                     
The Belle of Louisville Steamer, a National Historic Landmark, now in her 95th year, continues to beckon one and all to join her on a journey back to the time when she carried passengers and goods to ports all along the beautiful Ohio River. The majestic Ohio River, the major link between the bustling cities of the East Coast and the mighty Mississippi River, was greatly instrumental in shaping the future of the city of Louisville and to this day still captures the imagination of all who visit.  Come, let's have lunch and a ride on the oldest riverboat still going up and down the Mississippi River.                          
Tour Date: August 3rd
Cost: $65
Reservation Deadline: July 15

Big South Fork Train Ride and Lunch                              
Ride the Kentucky & Tennessee Railway on a 16 mile round trip into the Daniel Boone National Forest and Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. This trip is full of spectacular scenic vistas, lush vegetation and mountain streams as it descends 600 feet into the gorge before stopping at Blue Heron Coal Mining Camp, a NPS outdoor interpretive site. Your ticket also includes admission to the McCreary County Museum in Stearns. Round trip time vary between 3 to 3 1/2 hours come rain or shine.                                                              
Tour Dates: August 19th
Cost of Tour: $75
Reservation Deadline: July 15

      Lunch & Matinee at Derby Dinner Playhouse: The Hallelujah Girls
Join the feisty females of Eden Falls, who meet every week in an abandoned church-turned-day-spa, as they decide to shake up their lives after the loss of a dear friend.  From the authors of “The Dixie Swim Club”, this side-splitting, joyful comedy will make you laugh out loud and shout Hallelujah!
Tour Date: August 31
Cost: $75
Reservation Deadline: July 30

Historic Boone Tavern Restaurant & Berea CraftFestival 
A day in Berea at the Historic Craft Festival is guaranteed to deliver a cultural experience beyond your imagination. Discover new work by over 100 artists from across the country in Berea, designated as the Folk Arts and Craft Capital of Kentucky, visit Tater Knob Farm, Weston Glass Studio and visit Students Crafts Center.  Also visit the Kentucky Artisan Center which is a must-see for people interested in quality crafts and beautiful art. There is something for everyone, from handmade soap, brooms, toys, craft kits, pottery and the Log House Craft Gallery, which is the only one to offer student-made items, from quilts to wrought iron crafts.  We'll have lunch (on your own) at the Historic Boone Tavern Restaurant, known for their famous Spoonbread. Boone Tavern has been a hallmark in the hospitality business for nearly a century.  After all these years, it continues to be a favorite destination.       
Tour Date: September 9th
Cost: $65
Reservation Deadline: August 15

  How Great Thou Art Elvis Presley at Derby Dinner Playhouse
                       Starring Robert Shaw & the Lonely Street Band
From the earliest days of his boyhood until his untimely death, gospel music always held a special place in the heart of Elvis Presley. Enjoy such hits as “Peace In The Valley”, “Amazing Grace”, and of course “How Great Thou Art
Tour Date: Oct 10th
Cost: $75
Reservation Deadline: September 20th

 Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill & Dixie Belle Riverboat Ride     
Let's help Shaker Village celebrate their 50th anniversary!  Welcome the bounty of fall as the leaves begin to change and the air turns cooler.  Make apple cider and taste apple butter made with apples straight from the orchard. Tour the fall garden and learn how to prepare foods for the winter. Meet the animals and learn about their chores on the farm. We will dine in the Trustees’ Dining Room (on your own), serving traditional favorites and Kentucky dishes inspired by their seasonal garden.  We'll round out our day by taking a relaxing ride aboard the Dixie Belle, Shaker Village's 115-passenger riverboat. Cruise the scenic Kentucky River Palisades along a stretch of river with high limestone cliffs and untouched natural beauty.  One-hour narrated cruises describe the river's diverse ecosystem and the historical importance of the river to the Shakers. During the tour, the Dixie Belle ventures through the oldest exposed rock in Kentucky, and passes under High Bridge.                              
Tour Date: October 22th
Cost: $65
Reservation Deadline: October 1th

              Natural Bridge State Park and Lunch                                   
Natural Bridge State park is home to one of the largest natural arches in the State and there are hundreds of arches within 10 miles of the park's namesake.  Natural Bridge is surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and adjacent to the Red River George Geologic area. Natural Bridge State Resort Park includes an incredibly diverse Nature Preserve, over 20 miles of hiking trails and spectacular scenery in every season.  We'll have a delicious lunch (on your own) at The Sandstone Arches Restaurant, while being surrounded by the beauty of natural.  The restaurant over looks the famous "Hoedown Island", designated as the clogging capitol of Kentucky.                                                                                
Tour Date: October 28th
Cost: $65
Reservation Deadline: October 1st

               Dinner and Play at Derby Dinner Playhouse: 
                              Honkey Tonk Angles
This holiday musical follows the comic escapades of three country gals as they re-unite for a Christmas show at “The Hillbilly Heaven Club”.  The Honky Tonk Angels bring with them a line-up of Christmas classics and country favorites perfect for the holiday season.
Tour Date: November 19th
Cost: $85
Reservation Deadline: October 31th